Why WestCana?

Education and Training

We Build On Each of Our Employee’s Unique Talents

WestCana develops an annual calendar which balances legislative requirements, proactive training needs and training required to both engage the employees and address our increasing standards. We have two different training programs running concurrently.

Proactive Training

All employees are provided regular monthly in-services and on the job training, as well as outside training/development opportunities. All employees must attend and actively participate in our New Hire Orientation before they can start at a site. We ensure that all employees receive annual WHMIS training, as mandated by WorkSafe BC in addition to ongoing food safety training. We also conduct annual in-services on infection control, including the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and cleaning chemicals.

Reactive Training

WestCana will conduct a quarterly training needs analysis to determine general and job specific training needs. To determine the training needs, we look at audit scores, observational audit results, as well as recommendations from our site managers and Operations Managers. All staff will be given growth opportunities within our organization through training and supervision. All mentoring activities will be tracked and documented.

WestCana also offers the following internal training programs and would extend these to our clients at no additional charge.

  • Infection Control
  • Non Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI)
  • Gentle Persuasive Approach (GPA)
  • Legislation/regulatory related training and development that applies to all positions

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