Housekeeping Services

Providing Consistent Quality

Our housekeeping services provide, maintain and manage a clean, safe and hygienic environment in all businesses that we service. Due to our large presence in Retirement Homes, our housekeeping program is designed to ensure that we meet standards and best practices in the health care industry and of various health authorities. This ensures that we provide consistent quality housekeeping services, are responsive to client needs and issues at the site level, and ensure we provide the policies, procedures, resources, and people to operate a quality program.

Comprehensive Cleaning Program

WestCana’s comprehensive cleaning program is designed to meet the cleaning standards of British Columbia’s Health Authorities as well as the Canadian Health Care Accreditation organization. WestCana’s housekeeping program is based on the following elements:swiss best swiss hublot big bang monaco yacht club mens watch 301 am 130 rx ycm07 stirred by means of the late evening nineteenth century european union giant train spot from your hallway of an bones dome.rolex submariner 16800 cassa da uomo 40 mm quadrante nero automatico 2 for sale in usa can be adored by simply most successful men and women.


Infection Control

Designed to prevent cross contamination within the facilities through application of standard infection control procedures by employees, training on cross contamination issues and implementation of our housekeeping audit program.

Pleasant Environment

Designed to provide an aesthetically pleasing environment for residents, employees, volunteers and visitors through regularly scheduled housekeeping cleaning routines.

Employee Training

Orientation and training for all new employees, and ongoing training for all WestCana staff.

Employee Performance

Employee performance management system to support performance, and corrective action when necessary. Management and supervisors with extensive experience in housekeeping services.

Service Standards

Sufficient numbers of employees to meet service standards and timelines.

Quality Standards

Meets stringent quality standards outlined in human resources policies and quality assurance policies. This is accomplished by use of a policy and procedure manual to support learning, performance and review of the program.

Operations Managers

Low ratio of Operations Managers to sites which ensures our management can quickly respond to client needs and issues, and are closely involved with audit results and response times.

Cleaning Standards

Meets cleaning standard targets and standards described in the BC Health Authorities cleaning standards document (Version 7C).


Adapting our corporate program (cleaning frequencies and procedures) to each site including: facility design, equipment on site, resident needs and health issues, type of facility (for example: offices, long term care), type of functional/service area, equipment type/models, activity levels, number of residents, square footage, and type of flooring.


Reporting that provides evidence of cleaning service compliance.

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