Employee Testimonials

"I have worked for WestCana for 11 years. I look forward to coming to work knowing that it will be an enjoyable and challenging day. I am thankful for the benefits package and opportunities to advance available to me through WestCana. I feel secure working for WestCana knowing that I have support if I need it."


Dietary Aide

“I love working for WestCana, my life is there for WestCana and you. I will do anything for my company. I have not seen a company like this who cares for our staff, with a lot of support from my managers. They are always there for me.”


Lead Hand Housekeeper

“WestCana provides a strong, stable opportunity for growth for our staff while supplying all of the tools necessary for success. Each day, I look forward to the work environment and culture we relish. We frequently share our best practices and always driving for improvement on the services we provide. I value working with our business partners and staff and am thankful for the supportive relationships within our organization.  As a result, at the end of each day I leave with a strong sense of success. ”

Chris H

Senior Operations Manager

“I have been a member of the WestCana family for the last three and a half years. When I was first hired on I was so excited to be joining a ‘small and local’ care provider. I knew it was going to be a breath of fresh air for me after working for a very large multinational provider. I am so proud to say we have grown a lot in that time, but the small family feeling remains.”


Support Services Manager

"I started working for WestCana in 2003. I appreciate the support that WestCana gives me in doing my job. Over my years with WestCana I have  worked at multiple facilities and was thankful to be given a position geographically appropriate for my living situation. At one point, I had personal disaster and needed to take time away from work to heal. WestCana supported me very well during that time. The top management still remembers that hard time I had and asks me about it after all these years. I have been a part of WestCana since the early days and take great pride in my position. Thank You WestCana for everything!"



“When I considered leaving my last employer, I knew what I was looking for as a Manager from the company I worked for. Sure the Company I was with was big and potentially had room for me to grow, but I needed more… I am very fortunate to be a part of WestCana now. I feel that I’m more than just a facility number and a manager of people. From Ownership to employees on the floors, we are all connected and work with each other at WestCana. When you’re a part of such a supportive group of professionals, caring for our residents and creating a safe work environment comes easy. We as staff of WestCana network, problem solve and support each other in such a positive manner. I’m truly blessed to have been brought aboard the WestCana team and I am forever thankful for this opportunity.”


Support Services Manager

“From my first interaction with West Cana, I realized the company is fully committed to offering the highest level of service and providing the freshest food to its clients.

I am faced with exciting new challenges every day, and my management team provides me with the information and the support to overcome any roadblocks. In my position, I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role.”


Support Services Manager