Laundry Services

Reliable and Efficient

Our laundry systems are reliable and efficient. To ensure that our clients are provided the highest quality of service, WestCana follows the following laundry process:


Eliminate Lost Items

Label all new resident items immediately to eliminate/minimize lost items.


Deliver all clean items to resident rooms within 48 hours of being put into laundry bins.

Infection Control

Identify infection control risks through the use of a color-coded bag system.

Reduce Wrinkling

Hang as many personal items as possible to reduce wrinkling.

Tracking System

Implement a tracking system that will minimize misplaced personal clothing items.

Processing Soiled Linen

Sorting, washing, drying and transporting of soiled and clean linen.

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Now Hiring - Apply Today!

Now Hiring – Apply Today!

The team at WestCana is always looking to get the best people to our ever-growing team of professionals. We strive to provide the best care possible to our clients and in order to do that we pride ourselves in having the best team.

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