Why WestCana?

Continuous Quality Improvement

Assuring Quality

WestCana’s Quality Assurance Program is a systematic process designed to monitor, evaluate and communicate the policies, procedures and systems that we have in place. WestCana adheres to numerous Continuous Quality Improvement programs that includes observational and third party audits with emphases on HACCP, Hand Hygiene and Food Safety Plans.  Furthermore, WestCana vigilantly follows the ‘Audits and More’ Program [1], which includes Nutrition Care Planning, Meal Service, Emergency Preparedness and Sustainability audits.  In our Environmental Service department we exceed industry standards in cleaning, sanitation and floor care by training staff and the implementation of departmental and third party audits.

WestCana has two Quality Assurance Systems in place:

Prevention Programs

The Prevention Program for WestCana is divided into two separate and distinct sections; training and auditing. We provide various types of training to our staff, which ensures that everyone has the knowledge and tools to work safely, effectively and efficiently. Our training programs have been put into place to prevent accidents and incidents to both staff and residents, while also working to eliminate inefficiencies in productivity. Our calendar of regularly scheduled in-service training ensures that care and service to the residents is never interrupted.

Satisfaction Measurements

We believe that in order to work towards Continuous Quality Improvement, we must have input from everyone that is impacted by our services. This includes staff, residents, facility staff and visitors. We provide opportunities for everyone to provide us with both positive and constructive feedback. Any issue that comes to our attention through our feedback system is made a priority by our managers and action plans are put into place to both resolve the issue and prevent future occurrences.

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